Changes are coming to Child Care Answers!

As a child care provider, we hope that you’ve been hearing about the statewide changes in your support set forth by the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning. Starting October 1, things will look different in Indiana’s child care resource & referral agencies, which means the support you’ve been receiving from Child Care Answers will change.

You probably have many questions, which is understandable. We hope to answer as many questions for you as possible, but please ask anything else you want to know in the comments below. We will continually update this post with answers as we get them.

After October 1, can I still go to Child Care Answers with questions or support requests?

As of October 1, all counties will now be served by one of five local child care resource and referral agencies. You’ll still have support. If your program is in Hamilton, Hendricks, or Marion counties, you will continue to come to us here at Child Care Answers. Brown, Bartholomew, and Johnson counties should go to their new agency, Chances and Services for Youth (CASY) for ongoing support. Visit to learn about your new agency.

Will you continue to offer professional development and trainings?

Child Care Answers will no longer create and facilitate trainings for child care providers in-house; however, that doesn’t mean that professional development is going away! You can continue to find and register for professional development in I-LEAD through Indiana Learning Paths.

What about Paths to QUALITY (PTQ)? Will I still be able to keep my coach?

You will begin to see a transition of coaching supports starting October 1. Child Care Answers will no longer offer coaching and PTQ supports. From October 1st through June 30th, Indiana AEYC will provide support as needed to providers. Contact Indiana AEYC at 1-855-484-2392 ex. 3546 or

Starting July 1, 2020, Paths To Quality coaching will be implemented by SPARK Learning Lab; look for additional communication about your specific situation in the coming weeks.

Will the support I receive from a SPARK Learning Lab coach stay the same?

You will receive additional information in the coming months about how to participate in a self-assessment to determine the level of support needed for your program. Based on the results, your support may look like one of the following:

    • You’ll receive a plan of action and tools such as digital professional development, resource libraries, and help desk support. You’ll also be able to connect with other Early Childhood professionals at monthly virtual events and quarterly in-person events. (Tier 1)
    • In addition to Tier 1 support, you may be eligible for video coaching, small-group sessions, or enhanced professional development to assist you in implementing a program development plan. (Tier 2)
    • A subset of providers will work with coaches to focus on both development plans and quality improvement plans. (Tier 3)
    All three tiers include opportunities to work in person with coaches in order to receive face-to-face professional development.

What about Safe Sleep, Child Abuse & Neglect, and other mandated trainings?

After October 1, SPARK Learning Lab will be hosting all state-mandated trainings. Face-to-face safe sleep sessions will be offered twice monthly in the Indianapolis area. Face-to-face sessions will cover both Safe Sleep Module 1 (general) and Safe Sleep Module 2 (specific for child care providers).  View SPARK’s Training Calendar.

In addition to the face-to-face safe sleep sessions, SPARK will offer an online option through Indiana Learning Paths beginning in October. You will register separate for Safe Sleep 1 and Safe Sleep 2; you must take both modules to fulfill the requirement. As always, the refresher course does not count toward the requirement.

You will continue to register for both face-to-face and online sessions through I-LEAD and Indiana Learning Paths. Learn more about how to register.

I’m considering opening a child care business. Is Child Care Answers still the right place to start?

Yes! Our dedication continues to support professionals on the road to success to get licensed; will continue this as a focus into 2020 and beyond. See our Learn How to Become a Provider page or contact us for more information on next steps. Remember – if you’re in Bartholomew, Brown, or Johnson counties, you should contact new agency, Chances and Services for Youth (CASY), after October 1.

Can I still come to Child Care Answers until September 30th?

Absolutely! Our coaches and specialists are still available to chat with you about your program and to offer technical assistance. We also have state-mandated trainings, such as Safe Sleep, that we will be offering through September 30.

Do you have additional questions? Please comment below!

2 responses on “Changes are coming to Child Care Answers!

  1. Danielle Richardson

    I am unsure with class or tier is appropriate for my 8 month old. I need help receiving child care as soon as possible as I am a single mother trying to support my daughter and trying to find employment through IMPACT.

    1. Kristin Kahl

      Hi Danielle –
      The tiers we talk about in the blog post are for child care programs (directors and teachers), so no need to worry about that as a parent. We’ll make sure that one of our Family Specialists reaches out to you to help with your chikd care search!

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