Summer Break: Activities to Keep your School-ager Engaged

by Jamie Le Sesne Spears, M.Ed, Family Engagement Specialist 

By now, your children are counting down the days to summer break! They are likely excited for a change and to spend time with family.  For parents and caregivers, it can be stressful filling long summer days with engaging activities. 

Brainstorm with your child

As you plan your summer schedule and activities, ask your school-ager what they want to play, do, and explore. They may have some lofty ideas, but engaging and supporting them in the planning will give them a voice and, in turn, enhance their excitement.  

Explore and make a plan

Before you dive into the summer, explore others’ recommendations and jot down what you think works best for your family and your child. Read on for some of our ideas and other great resources!

Get curious with science experiments

Science experiments are perfect for engaging critical thinking and mathematical skills during the summer. Explore Free Science Printable Experiment Instructions to find the perfect experiment for your child.   

Play games that sharpen math skills

Introduce your child to the classics! Pull out games like Uno, Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Phase 10 to practice math skills. Encourage your child to create their own board game using dice or cards.  

Encourage reading

Explore a variety of books and reading materials this summer. Check out these unique booklists: 

Be creative outdoors

Art activities provide children with creative ways to critically think and explore. Try one of these Outdoor Art Ideas for Kids to get outside and create!

Rely on Child Care Answers for resources

Child Care Answers has you covered when it comes to your school-agers! Check out these resources for your summer break needs:

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