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Child Care Answers

Child Care Answers serves as Central Indiana’s Child Care Resource & Referral agency, otherwise known as a CCR&R. CCR&Rs work to ensure that children receive the best care possible through a variety of activities.

We Help Families

If you have a child in need of care, we can guide you through the process. We provide resources to help you understand what quality care looks like, options to find care, and tools to choose a provider. We also provide support to keep you engaged with your provider throughout your child’s development.


We Help Providers

We help aspiring child care providers prepare to become licensed and understand their unique needs as a small business. Established child care programs can also rely on us to provide connections to resources that help them develop as professionals and improve the quality of their programs.


We Serve the Community

We compile and share data about providers and children to aid the community leaders like you in your efforts to improve early childhood education. Whether you are a local business or a social services agency, we’ll work with you to promote quality efforts and awareness.


"Child Care Answers means education, professionalism and mentoring to me. As a professional, I have found Child Care Answers to be a place of guidance, information and resources. The workshops offer opportunities to meet with other early childhood professionals while learning about the latest and greatest trends in early childhood in a safe and friendly environment. As a parent, I have greatly appreciated being able to find quality child care and have enjoyed the discussions shared with the specialists and coaches. I am a better educator and parent because of Child Care Answers."

- Ashley Flaumenhaft, Early Childhood Educator

About Our Organization

Child Care Answers began as a program of the Day Nursery Association in September 1985. At the time, families seeking help locating and evaluating child care could call and receive information tailored to their needs about providers. Today, families can also get referrals both over the phone and online. In 1985, we also provided support and training for family child care home providers – we’ve expanded our reach to include professionals in child care centers, unlicensed registered ministries, and those interested in starting their own child care business.


Our staff brings years of experience in the early childhood education field, as well as a wealth of knowledge and credentials. They are active in our community and are constantly learning from others in their field. But most importantly – they bring passion to their work with families, child care professionals, child care advocates, and the children of Central Indiana.



Our passion is children, and we’re all kids at heart at Child Care Answers. We strive to build connections with you, whether you are a family member, provider, or community member.



Child Care Answers is honored to enjoy support from some of Central Indiana’s most generous and visionary organizations, working on behalf of Indiana’s children and families.


The mission of Child Care Answers is to assure the highest level of early childhood education for children in Central Indiana.


It is the vision of Child Care Answers to ensure that the children of today and tomorrow are cared for in a professional and nurturing manner and that families, child care providers, and community leaders know the importance of their roles in the development of children.


We strive for excellence, maintaining the highest standards for the education, development, protection, and care of young children.

We commit to supportive relationships, the foundation for all of our work with children, families and each other.

We work together, recognizing that providing the highest level of service to young children requires collaboration and partnership.

We treat everyone with respect, strengthening the bonds that bring us together, define our culture, and allow us to lead in the wider community.

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