Factors to Consider

Factors to consider when choosing quality child care


We know quality comes first in your search for quality child care, preschool, and school-age care. You want your child to have a safe, supportive and enriching environment, and programs like Indiana’s Paths to QUALITY™ system can help you understand what quality means. Additionally, you should consider other factors, including your child’s age and personality, where you live or work, program philosophies and cost in finding care.

High-quality child care providers can come in many shapes and sizes. Take a step back to think about what type of care will best fit your needs and the needs of your child. Consider these characteristics:


Signs of a quality program

Paths to QUALITY™ is a good measure of quality in a program. Other characteristics to consider are group size, accreditation, family involvement, and caregiver qualifications. Click to learn what to look for.

Care for your child's age group

Some providers may only care for preschoolers, while others may serve infants through school-aged children. Click to learn how Child Care Answers can support your child’s need by his/her age.

Types of care

Providers can serve children in a number of environments, from large centers in a
commercial setting to small groups in a provider’s home. Click to learn more about these different care types and the licensing considerations for each.

Cost of care

Although it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider, how much you pay for care can be an important input in your decision. Click to learn more about options to help you pay for child care.