Stay Connected with Your Provider

Stay connected with your provider

Useful approaches

Once your child begins his or her time with a provider, your ongoing engagement will be key to a successful partnership. You have many ways to bridge the time your child spends with a program and your home.


Talk to your caregiver to resolve issues or concerns and keep informed about your child’s development.

Your Child

Talk to your child about how his/her day went.


Visit and observe your child in care at different times of the day.


Be involved in your child’s activities.

Other Families

Connect with other families, supporting one another.


Check out our blog for more tips and advice on partnering with your provider. Our blog also features articles on incorporating educational and engaging activities for learning at home with your child at home, which can translate to a more successful experience while at child care. Keep coming back for more tips!


Sometimes situations arise where you need additional support in partnering with your provider to create a great experience for your child. Our Family Specialists, Kristin Cofield and Lauren George are available to provide individualized child care consultations or assistance to support a positive child care experience at your program. Fill out our contact form with details about your needs, and one of our specialists will contact you.