Your Child - Tips for Parents

Being a parent can bring joy, but raising a little one can also be tiring and nerve racking. There are many things to consider and learn – here’s where we can help! The resources below provide a number of tips for parenting through all kinds of sticky situations – and happy moments too.  Also, don’t forget to check out our blog for tons of other insights into raising little ones!

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Cloth Diapering

Curious about using cloth?  Ever wondered if cloth was for you?  Use our resources below to learn about cloth diapering from a local cloth diapering expert. Lauren will cover types cloth diapers, washing and storage, advantages/disadvantages and more!

Get One-on-One Support

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How you feed your newborn is the first nutrition decision you make for your child. Whether you decide to breastfeed, bottle feed, or do a combination of both, we can help you understand what’s right for you and your baby.  As your child grows, we also provide resources on how and when to start solid foods and make meal times positive.

Bedtime Basics

We all know that sleep can be hard to come by during these early years. Learn from a local expert on what to expect during the first year and beyond and how to set up a space that is safest and most conducive for your child’s sleep.


Biting by infants, toddlers, and two-year olds is a typical behavior. As children gain language, selfcontrol, and problem-solving skills, they usually outgrow it. Yet, biting is often upsetting to families; understanding the whys and how to support your child is the first step in responding appropriately. Get tips on how to best respond below!

Potty Training

Ready to take the plunge into potty training, but not sure where to start? Learn about the signs and readiness cues of potty training & learn what equipment is necessary, helpful, and unnecessary in your toddler’s journey to undies!

Reading to Your Child

You’ve heard it before – reading is fundamental! Get tips from our staff on how to make the most of your read aloud time – and share some of these read alouds with your little ones!

School Transitions

Whether it’s her first day in child care,  first day in kindergarten, or first day of summer vacation, we’re here to provide guidance and tools to get your little one ready and know what to expect. We also know the challenges of transitioning to home during the pandemic – let us help!

Behaviors, Milestones, and More

Questions about whether your child’s behaviors are “typical”? Wanting to get a handle on managing difficult or defiant behavior? We’ve got you covered.

Family Activities

Looking for ideas about activities that you can do with your child? Check out our ideas below!

Children with Special Needs

Below are some resources we’ve created specifically for families with children with special needs. You can also check out our Children with Special Needs page to learn more about our services or the services of our partners.

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