Paths to QUALITY™

Paths to QUALITY™ is a free, voluntary resource that offers providers knowledge, training, and coaching, all focused on helping you provide quality child care, preschool, and school-age care. As an early childhood professional, you receive incentives as you advance through each level of care. Some incentives can be used to promote or reinvest in your child care program, and others benefit you directly.

Benefits of Paths to QUALITY™

Paths to QUALITY™ helps professionals and programs provide high quality care and education through free resources, cash and non-cash incentives, professional development opportunities, and one-on-one coaching relationships.

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How to Become a Paths to QUALITY provider

To start the process of becoming a Paths to QUALITY provider, you first need to take the Paths to QUALITY Introduction course in I-LEAD / Indiana Learning Paths. The session will detail any next steps for you to take.

How to register

Congratulations to providers who have demonstrated a commitment to continual improvement of quality in their programs through Paths to QUALITY™