Update your information

When families search for a quality child care, preschool, or school-age provider, they look for characteristics that match up with their individual needs and situations.  If they have accurate and relevant information about your program, they will see your program as a better fit and will be more likely to call you.  That means you’ll also spend less time giving tours and answering questions from those who wouldn’t end up at your program anyway.

We update information in our database at least twice annually, but you can help by contacting us more often if something changes with your program. Every other year, we also do a rate survey for the State of Indiana to help determine the reimbursement rates for CCDF.

If you wish to update your information in our database, please call us at 317.636.5727. Our Program Engagement Specialists, Michelle and Lucy, can answer any questions you might have about your program’s information.