Hello, I’m Tom Taylor

Family and Community Engagement Manager

At Child Care Answers I spend my time…

overseeing the family and community engagement team and associated projects.

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Bachelor’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, double major in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. Ongoing additional Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology & Software Development

Favorite Subject in School

History, Math

Professional Experience

Houseparent, Human Resources Specialist, Business Administrator, Accreditation Consultant, Business Consultant, Asst. Director of Donor Relations.

When I “grew up”, I wanted to be...

A pilot

My first job was...

’Taylor-Two Lawn Mowing Services’ – As 7th graders, my brother and I served our neighborhood by mowing lawns.

My favorite toy/game as a child...

Hand & Foot (card game)

Outside of work, I like to...

I enjoy playing with my kiddos, binge-watching shows with my wife, watching any and every documentary available, reading, and working on home-improvement projects.

As a child, I spent my time...

Riding my bike around town (Wheaton, IL) and playing with my neighbors.

How can I help you?

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